about us

helping our clients to build their businesses since 2003

Over the last 14 years, we have evolved from a specialized web design and development team to a full service agency providing our clients a wide range of creative and digital services, all focused on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their businesses to deliver results.  We partner with the best senior people in their respective fields to provide our clients with hand-selected project teams of top-tier professionals that are specialists, not generalists.

Technical Team

our core team of seasoned technical specialists

  • Brent Martel
    Brent Martel Principal - Account Management & Strategy Direction
  • Kevin McKerracher
    Kevin McKerracher Principal - Creative Direction & Content Development
  • Marc Tessier
    Marc Tessier Principal - Technical Direction, Development & Infrastructure
  • Phil Tessier
    Phil Tessier Development & QA

Strategy & Creative

our network of top creative professionals

  • Sarah Roncarelli
    Sarah Roncarelli Strategy Direction
  • Clare Brennan
    Clare Brennan Creative Direction
  • Sue Ashby
    Sue Ashby Account Management
  • Christian Belanger
    Christian Belanger Writer
  • Katelin Dubois
    Katelin Dubois Creative
  • Peter Handley
    Peter Handley Creative
  • Alicia Riddle
    Alicia Riddle Photography
  • Susan Robertson
    Susan Robertson Writer
  • Mathieu Robin
    Mathieu Robin Creative
  • Mario Scaffardi
    Mario Scaffardi Creative

Audience Building & Media Buying

our digital media partners and strategists

  • Rob Barber
    Rob Barber Digital Strategist
  • Nick Bazinet
    Nick Bazinet Programatic Advertising Manager
  • Brady Rynyk
    Brady Rynyk Social Media Advertising Manager
  • Matthew Tirrell
    Matthew Tirrell Digital Advertising Analyst