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ProSlide Technology

Project Description

ProSlide is a global leader in water ride manufacturing and water park design. ProSlide selected Inkline to build their website in both English and Chinese. Further to the core multi-locale requirement, they needed to ensure that content and messaging could be tailored to each locale. Navigation and site architecture needed to be different — as did product selection and emphasis. To ensure a positive user experience in China, we also needed to come up with a hosting architecture that would allow content to be served in a geographically distributed fashion.


The WordPress site Inkline built for ProSlide allows their marketing teams to manage all content for both locales from a common WordPress admin hosted in a datacenter in Montreal. They can easily update content and translate directly within WordPress. Navigation and content visibility between locales is also easily managed. We configured a mirror server with Amazon AWS in Singapore that is automatically refreshed daily. Web requests to the .CN domain name are automatically served out of the Singapore server.

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